"Say dat shit again, I dare ya! C’MON! DO IT! Gimme a reason ta f@#k you up and make you dance, Beautiful!"
Late night stress relief sketch featuring a very, very, very angry Lazare Creu, proud captain of the Sky Dancers.
Word censored slightly cuz I know I got a few young’uns following me. lol
  1. crystianova said: …..If this is ever achievable, how am I to do it without jeopardizing his daughter’s life? >//v//< *fangirl moment*
  2. sunsetdays said: *^* ….such a handsome captain, even when he’s angryy..
  3. ghostkitty said: -Drools over him- Why is he soooooooo hot?! DX You need to rp with me dammit!!! -Wants her dosage of smexy-
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